Who is Claudiu?


I was born in Cluj Napoca, a city in Transylvania, which is one of the largest regions in Romania. During my childhood I experienced communism under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu but I think I was too young to really grasp everything that was happening around me. We did not have many toys at the time, which forced me and other children to develop and use our imagination to have fun. My favorite game was playing hide and seek in total darkness in the residential building basement where I could stay for several hours. This has meant that unlike others, I find the dark very soothing and beautiful today.


I had a talent for writing poems. I loved writing them both in school and outside school and read them with passion to people. This meant I was selected in the school’s choir even though I was really bad at singing. At the end of every song I was invited forward to recite my poem. Some poems I learned by heart and it could be as much as 4 pages. I was invited to a big radio station to recite communist poems and even at major events with hundreds of people in the audience already at age 8!


My biological father left me and my mother at an early stage. My mother Mirela is the best mother in the world. She created security and taught me to never give up in life while she always believed in me, encouraged me and showed her pride for me! She met another man named Vasile who became my new father and with his help we moved to Sweden when I was 12 years old. It turned out that my new dad was the best thing that could have happened to me, his generosity, patience and amazing personality has guided me and helped me become the person that I am today. I would not have been able to get a better father and friend, I am so grateful.


I lost my mother to illness and in very complex conditions in 2013. She passed away on her birthday. That was the person I loved and that I love most in the world. Everything changed and nothing will ever be the same after that. Something that will not change, however, is my promise to her.


I promised her to continue to be optimistic, strong, keep my head and do everything required to make a positive difference in the lives of others.