testit2016 Conference

We are excited to finally announce the successor of last year’s big talking point within test conferences by presenting testit2016!

This year the conference will focus on test management and lessons learned from failures. We aim to share valuable knowledge, tips and experiences to both senior test managers as well as to people striving to develop their skills in that direction.

We are proud to present a strong program including internationally recognized speakers and speakers with experience from several different industries and companies. Keynote speakers are Isabel Evans and Kristoffer Nordström and to spice it up we also have speakers from companies like Fingerprint Cards, King, IKEA, Qlik and Axis. We will end the conference with a surprise speaker who will be announced in due time.


Comments from participants:


Tack igen för ett intressant end note på dagens konferens i Malmö, och tack för att du tog dig tid att fortsätta prata litegrand efteråt. Nu kommer jag definitivt att börja tänka mer på de små sakerna som kan göra skillnad i det långa loppet.
– Anna Haglund


Tack för en fantastisk inspirerande presentation idag på TestIt2016 konferens. Så härligt att se det fortfarande finns människor som har så mycket energi. Man blir helt enkelt glad och lycklig att man fick möjlighet att lyssna på Claudiu 🙂
-Johanna Piirainen


Tack för ett extremt inspirerande föredrag idag på Testit i Malmö. Du har motiverat mig att att försöka mig på the compound effect.
-Emma Persson


Tack för en jätteintressant föreläsning på vår Testkonferens, satte verkligen igång mycket tankar hos mig Har börjat med att sätta ett par mål, lite mindre men ändå 🙂
-Monica Larsson


Stort tack för ditt föredrag på Testit 2016 ! Mycket inspirerande och lärorik! Se fram emot att få “plöja igenom” din bok !
-Chithanh Mach


Jag var på Testit i Malmö förra veckan och åkte där ifrån glad, positiv och med energi. Er föreläsning The Compound Effect var den bästa på hela dagen och ett perfekt avslut!
– Henrik Nilsson

TEDx Youth, Helsingborg May 5 2016

Today we are happy to announce our fourth speaker, Claudiu Moldovan!
Claudiu has a long list of merits under his belt whereas he is an international motivational speaker, an ambassador for The JDS Mentoring Foundation and an entrepreneur where his own company, MyLifeAcademy, teach young pupils how to use leadership effectively.


“What is it that separates successful people from those who do not succeed?”


According to Claudiu it’s often the small daily actions that are easy to execute but also easy to miss. Without a system, and a way to measure your progress, it doesn’t matter how strong-willed you are, how much talent you possess or how big your dreams are.


For many years Claudiu has applied and taught the principles behind The Compound Effect, something he has learned from his mentor Darren Hardy from SUCCESS Magazine. During Claudius talk he will present how to set up well-defined goals, how you use a system for the best effect and how to find the right network that can enhance your progress.

The Compound Effect For Young People
Malmö April 20, 2016

By applying The Compound Effect in his life over the past 7 years, Claudiu Moldovan went from underpaid social worker to a multi-entrepreneur. Here are some of the things that you will learn during the lecture:


– How to identify which activities you should focus most on of your time, in order to quickly create the results that you desire


– How you build unbreakable habits that will help you to do whatever is necessary even when you are unmotivated


– How you use a proven system to maintain focus and continuity to that what is most important to you



Oscar has against all odds gone from being an unfocused, angry and bitter young guy with serious dyslexia to a young entrepreneur and a positive role model for both young people and adults.


In his lecture, Oscar will share all the challenges that he had to go through and share how he found the power, the strategies and the tools to transform his life and future into something quite special.


”Thanks for a great lecture yesterday, I love your way on how you look at how we build our lives over an long-time”.
Richard Gustafsson Verksamhetsledare Forza of Sweden


“Many thanks for a fantastic FIKA lecture. I have received so much positive feedback already! Wow!”
Alexandra Skoglund


The Compound Effect

This lecture is about the art of making small things every day that will eventually get you where you want to in your studies, work, business, relationships, health and finances. These small things are easy to do but the problem is that they are as easy to not do. It is the sum of these small things that you either do or don’t do, that determines how successful you are in life, no matter what individual goals and dreams you have.


Simon: ”I thought your lecture was very good. There were several points I took to me and I’ll try to remember. It was inspiring to hear a story of entrepreneurs who started from absolute zero and still managed to”


Educator, Anders: ”Very inspiring lecture. You have a natural way to get your message across. Claudiu and Kenneth gives practical tools on how entrepreneurs can move forward on its path to success.”


Educator, Marianne: ”Professional and inspiring lectures with concrete advice that can be directly translated into entrepreneurship / privacy. High level of content that can fit in different industries / organizations at multiple levels.”

Doer’s Event 150507

MyLifeAcademy represented by Claudiu Moldovan at the annual event for entrepreneurs in Malmö.

#DontFollowTheWhiteRabbit lecture for pupils and teachers at Sundsgymnasiet April 28, 2015

Oscar Sveinbjörnsson, Student:   “Fantastic lecture and amazing inspiring! Many clearly life-prolonging thoughts awakened!”


Rosita Schouenborg, Teacher:   “The lecture was great! You raised the things we teachers and parents tend to talk to young people about, but you did it in such a way that the message went out. We followed the reasoning in psychology class and I was surprised, in a positive way, how much the students had committed to memory and how what you have said many to think. Think it would be good with exercises and discussions in small groups after the lecture! “


Ann-Lis Wennerberg, Teacher: “”It is as easy to read ten pages as it is to resist’. Many wise words about taking control of their own lives, which brought thoughts of the high school youth and for us teachers. It all felt believable when he through concrete examples related how he succeeded. An inspiring speaker!”

TERC (The Entreprenuer Roller Coaster) with Darren Hardy in Orange County 20 Feb 2015

Seminars and workshops on the subject of entrepreneurship along with the editor of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy.

Scandinavian Kick-Off Stockholm 7 feb 2015

Claudiu Moldovan was invited by Vemma Europe to participate in the panel “Tip Of The Day” in front of the 700-run networkers who want to learn how to create growth and success in direct sales.

Open 2014

Östra Grevie Folkhögskola 17 December 2014 ”Don’t Follow The White Rabbit”

The participants said:   “Claudiu was very good at conveying the message important goals, good quotes , important to believe in yourself impressed by the trip Claudiu done, everyone can if you want , important to change friends if they suck out your energy, have the right attitude! “

European Convention Vemma All In 2014

MyLifeAcademy founder Claudiu Moldovan receive the Achievement Award in front of 4200 people in Vienna

4-6 juli Ledarhelg på Ruders Egendom Tibro

Leadership Weekend on Ruders Property Tibro

Lifestyle Groups and Health Information Iceland 24 June 2014

MyLifeAcademy and Claudiu Moldovan lecture about how our beliefs affect our bodies and lives

Claudiu Moldovan on Gen Y

Lecture on Generation Y in Sofielund Agency May 27, 2014 Claudiu Moldovan from MyLifeAcademy was one of the speakers at the project’s closing conference . By mixing exciting facts about Gen Y with their passion for youth development and success was the day a smash hit that was appreciated by both participants and organizers.

Event Elmia Konferenscenter 24 May 2014

Claudiu Moldovan lectured about attitude and how to tackle the adversities of Vemma ‘s annual event in Jönköping for 700 people. He shared the stage with Charlie Söderberg from Lyxfällan and Todd Falcone top speakers in Network Marketing.

”You will become what you are thinking” 4 April 2014 Sofielund Agency

The client said:   “All participants have talked about this and think it was super!!”   Jessica Hultzén, Project Manager, Sofielund Agency

The participants said:   “Humor and joy! Recognition Best in a long time! I am quite lyrical , this saved my week ! The best in a long time , thanks ! I recognized my bad patterns and realized that I have to change some things . Super interesting and inspiring Good Thanks again! “


“Generation Y” is tomorrow’s labor. If one employer get MEDT wearing these on the team, you have to be updated, both technologically and socially.


– It is important to keep up with the twists and turns, for now it goes fast! said speaker Claudiu Moldovan youth inspirer and expert on Generation Y.


Arbeidslivssenteret had invited to breakfast seminar at NAV management at Lillestrom, where a total of 63 participants from 22 employer enterprises faced, from both public and private sectors. The idea of NAV Akershus was giving information about how “Generation Y” is working and what is needed to achieve these as employees. “Generation Y” is defined as young people born in 1977 – 1995. They are expected to fill 75 percent of the labor by 2025. Moldovans message is that this is a generation that is developing rapidly, and that work differently in the workplace than generations have done until now. They possess technological and social knowledge, as today’s employers need to work to understand.


– Is there anyone who does not know what instagram is? asked Moldovan audience.


He stressed that anyone who wants to be with that employer must have an overview of the technology youth use. Both to hang self, to provide a good service to customers and users, and to ensure that it is an attractive employer.


– Should you reach today’s young people need to be where they are. You can not be a dinosaur who cling to old habits and sends a letter in an envelope. They’re not going to open it again, said Moldovan.


– Marianne Rønningen NAV Arbeidslivssenter Akershus


The participants said:   “I think this was very funny and inspiring. The first thing I think about is how we can transmit this in our practice. We must manage to catch this group!”   – Heidi Drægebø Skedsmo Municipality


“We have to do something to become more attractive as employers. This was called “to the point”. We need to think again, because we are not ready for this as it is now “   – Aase Skeie Holten, Wenche Vedhugnes, Lill Lokna